Air Duct Cleaning & Repair

Air Duct Cleaning

Our experts involved in air duct cleaning use varieties of innovative tools to perform the task of cleaning air ducts in your home. We make sure that air ducts installed at your home remain free from debris, dirt and all sorts of unhealthy allergens. By following the appropriate measures related to air duct cleaning in San Antonio and Austin, you will not only save the utility costs but also pay a relatively less amount for your HVAC system cleaning and repair.

Why Regular Air Duct Cleaning is Essential

As experts of air duct cleaning in Austin and San Antonio, we suggest you for regular air duct cleaning based on following major reasons-

  • Dirt, dust, and debris may accumulate in the ventilation system to create a blockage in the normal function of the air duct.
  • When contaminants build up in the air duct, they restrict the flow of air, which forces your device to work very hard and long. This leads to expansion of energy.

Our Approach to Clean an Air Duct

Inspection of Air Ducts 
We conduct inspection of your air duct from our qualified technicians to verify that it requires proper cleaning.

We use a powerful filtered vacuum to clean the vent covers, furnace evaporator coil and blower component. Later, we connect the system to your ductwork for pulling out the dirt deeply from the inner part of your air duct system.

Compressed Air Flush

Our experts of air duct cleaning in San Antonio blow compressed air from the air duct system for flushing all traces of dust and dirt out from your ductwork and into the special vacuum system.